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Yumeiho Tretman



Balance of the body is based on the balance of the pelvis. If the weight of the body is not evenly distributed on both legs, the focus is shifted and imbalance in pelvis and hips occurs. This imbalance is transferred to the structure of the whole body and affects the work of all organs. 



Yumeiho is a Japanese manual technique based on the establishment of a pelvic balance, which is considered to be the foundation of our body. According to Masayuki Saionji, the creator of this therapy method, when the body has left-right symmetry, the muscles and tissues are soft. And the person feels good and healthy. Imbalance prevents the proper functioning of internal organs and may lead to the emergence of many diseases. 


Yumeiho therapy is consisted of 100 basic procedures aimed at restoring balance in the pelvis, and therefore in the whole body.


The therapy is made up of three basic grips that mutually replace and complement each other. The first is crushing. The other is the pressure with the simultaneous pulling and stretching of the tissue. The purpose of these movements is softening and relaxation of soft tissues. The third step involves the setup, manipulation of bone-joint structure with an emphasis on the fitting of the hip joint. If the soft tissues are softened and relaxed, the bones and joints may fit easier into the proper position, or if the bone and joint structures are placed in a proper and functional position, then the muscles and tendons will relax. 



Yumeiho philosophy is based on the body's theory of gravity. According to this theory, it determines our health. If the focus is in the ideal place, then the person will be healthy and will feel good. The body weight should be equally distributed on both feet, which is usually not the case.



The treatment is performed on a matt and patient is dressed in cotton garments. The treatment usually takes 45-60 minutes. 


Get rid of a painful condition or choose a relaxing treatment so you can enjoy!

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