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The right solution for a happy team!


The massage does not have to be related only to a certain space. It may be executed anywhere, even at your workplace! Guided by the fact that in a busy business world, people often do not have time to relax, we have designed BizPliz service exclusively for businesses.


BizPliz is a physiotherapy treatment designed to relax employees at the workplace. In just 15 minutes it will make that all your stress, blockade and back pain disappear from your employees! In return, there will be positive energy, better concentration, more smiles and much better business results!


The massage treatments are performed at the massage chair (which we bring with us), over your business attire in just 15 minutes. The unpleasant feeling of stress and fatigue disappears literally.


We can together tailor the BizPliz program just for you - in the form of a company event, happy hour, as employee reward, best co-worker award and so much more!


Contact us now and we will together create a BizPliz program for your company!

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