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Trigger Terapija




Trigger points are knots, hardened fibers of muscle tissue within the muscle. They cause different symptoms at that spot and in the associated remote area - from inconvenience and tension to very unpleasant symptoms such as severe pain, dizziness, ear buzzing, chest bumps, muscle weakness... 



Trigger point is the result of acute or chronic muscle overload. Long sitting, standing, poor posture, lack of physical activity or excessive physical activity, continuous repetition of the same movement, insufficient sleep - all these are the possible causes of the trigger points - the pain trigger.


Trigger points are hardened muscle fibers that cannot relax. This 'knot' can be felt deep in the muscle and is of a different size (like pea grain up to the size of an inch). The trigger point maintains a strong muscle fiber contraction, which causes a tense muscle beam inside, and as a result, there is severe pain in that muscle or in the distant region of the body. 


In addition to pain, trigger points may cause tension and weakness in the muscles or lack of normal motion range. They may cause dizziness, buzzing in the ears, nausea, heartburn even fake heart problems. If chronic, that pain may lead to depression.


Trigger points are most commonly caused by muscular stress. This condition of pain is often the result of various traumas, traffic accidents, falls, sprains or fractures, and the occurrence of these knots is affected by excessive or inadequate exercise, improper and long-term sitting and bad posture. 


Recommended for remedying the following conditions:

  • Headache

  • Ear buzzing

  • Vertigo

  • Neck, shoulder and back pain

  • Jaw pain 



The patient is dressed in cotton garments. The treatment usually takes 30-45 minutes.​ 


Get rid of a painful condition or choose a relaxing treatment so you can enjoy!

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